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Reminder – Enter the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Giveaway!

The first contest to win a branded Xbox 360 draws to a close on October 13. As extra incentive to participate we’ve got a shiny new image for you to drool over. The rules for the contest can be found below in case you’re in need of a refresher. We’ve even made it easier to enter by linking directly to the three questions you need to answer.

The Rules: To enter the competition, you’ll have to answer three Tomb Raider trivia questions. Each question will be revealed via a unique Tomb Raider social media outlet – Facebook, Twitter, and the Crystal Habit Podcast, respectively. Plug all three answers into and you’re in the running!

Housekeeping: You must be 18 to enter the contest. Also, please be aware that the branded Xbox 360 will take 6-7 weeks to arrive on your doorstep. Why the delay? We’re not outfitting the console with custom graphics till the winner is announced to ensure it is compatible with the individual’s territory. Additionally, the above design is a mockup and the final version may vary.

The Questions:

Question #1: via Facebook

Question #2: via Twitter:  

Question #3 via the Crystal Habit Podcast
(Note- The question can be found in the final five minutes of the show)

Best of luck!

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